Friday, 8 March 2013


The Art + The Artist.
"What? My work is in an exhibition?!"
The lovely Zana and her work.
Untitled, Zana Zozomora, Lithograph.
Nothing quite like seeing your name printed on the wall...
... I rest my case.

This week, out of the blue, I had a piece exhibited in a fellow University, about half an hour away from mine. I say 'out of the blue', because it came about like this: me walking casually through a hall in the Art building last Thursday, my friend Zana seeing me from the other end of said hall and running excitedly towards me saying "Theywanttoexhibitourwork!" and then in the next breath "Weneedtogofindourprofessor!", and me not particularly understanding but catching the words "exhibit" and "our" so saying yesyesyes on the spot. Come Monday, Zana and I are merrily driving over to the other University to see our work displayed in the Art Exchange Exhibition. I found out eventually that the work of mine was a Lithograph print I had done for my Mixed Multiples class, and that the student curator had seen it on the wall and wanted it. If only getting my work into an exhibition was always that easy! No applications, no artist's statements, no overhanging risks of rejection - just leave it forgotten on a wall for a month and I'm all set!

We arrived just before the exhibit closed, so the place was pretty much abandoned, but we got to see our work displayed and that's the most important thing, non? It did feel a bit 'spot-the-tumbleweed-blowing-through-the-barren-wasteland-that-is-the-exhibit', though.

My work (see the pictures above) is a Lithograph print, entitled Eleanor's Adventures in Canadaland, a parody of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. It is a tongue-in-cheek narrative about my experiences as an British citizen living in Canada, and for those non-Canadians reading who don't get the references, I apologize, but it's a 'Canadian Thing'. The print displayed in this exhibit actually isn't my favourite one - I have another version which is full-colour Lithograph and Watercolours that I feel has much more of a visual impact, but what can you do? Curator's choice is final.

Eerie emptiness of the gallery aside (I mean, even all the food was gone, and I happily confess that the promise of a refreshment table is always my Number 2 reason for going to gallery openings), seeing my work displayed outside of my own campus was a rather nice way to spend a Monday evening, even if it was a little impromptu.

Art on a whim? Yes please.

Kitty x

End of the Show
Let's close on a giant spoon, because it's a giant spoon!

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