Monday, 20 October 2014


Hello all,

I'm sure it hasn't escaped your notice that I've been pretty inactive on Kitt The Britt over the last little while (boo hoo), but that's because I've been working on a rather exciting new project (yay yay)!

Approaching the end of my four year Bachelor degree, I'm turning my thoughts towards the future in the hope of answering the big "what next?" question. I have always known I want to do something very creative and I've reached the point of deciding that I want to try my hand at a career in illustration. I'm currently trying to establish an online presence as an illustrator, and the other week launched a blog solely for my illustrations and artwork. So, at the risk of sounding a bit cheeky, I invite you to go and check it out - if only to see my excuse for not posting on here for a while.

I'd love to hear what you think of my work at :)

Kitt xx

Friday, 3 October 2014


"Don't you love New York in the fall? It makes me want to buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly-sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address."

So says Tom Hanks in the romantic classic You've Got Mail, that nostalgic ode to New York's Upper West Side starring Meg Ryan. I love that quote, and it would indeed be wonderful to send all of you dear readers a bouquet of newly-sharpened pencils, just to bask in the school-supply-scented newness of this time of year. As soon as September hits, I get itchy to start new crisp notebooks and make sure my hand-writing is as neat as possible. Even into October, I'm still into the 'beginnings' mode, that feeling of starting fresh, and so I thought that for the first proper JOY + JOSIE post I'd have the two lovely ladies share what's new in their lives.


// JOY //

We all experience new beginnings: the first day back at school, or the start of a diet, or a change in hairstyle. I think change is good: it allows us to learn about different aspects of ourselves even if it is at first difficult to welcome. It's so easy to stay in our comfort zone, enjoying only what we are 'used' to. Staying the same, however, comes at a price: we might never discover THAT hidden talent, or THIS enjoyment of something - we simply float on stagnant water.

I've just recently finished four years studying Geography at University, including a placement year where I was able to dip into the working world to learn new skills and meet inspiring people. My husband Jonny and I decided a while ago that once I'd finished Uni we wanted to go travelling, to roam free a bit before we were tied down by mortgages and permanent jobs. We decided on South Africa, and we're currently spending two months here - I'm scribbling this entry while sat on the beach! We've had to work hard to get here though: scrimping and saving for a long time, even moving in with my parents. I've focused so much of my excitement and energy on this trip that suddenly I've found myself thinking: what's next?

 I've recently been offered a permanent job with the company I had worked for during my Uni placement. I'll be starting soon - my first full-time, permanent position - and I can't wait. This change is a good change, but it of course comes with all of the new-job-nerves and I'm already wondering about all of the new things I'll have to learn.

Jonny and I started a photography business three years ago, and when you're self-employed in a business venture change is the only constant. We're always learning and experimenting and, most importantly, we're excited. We're looking ahead into the future, wondering what we could do and be someday.

So, what is next? In my experience, the unknown is daunting and scary and can come crashing in on a wave of despair. But I'm trying to see it as an adventure: I'm grabbing my metaphorical surfboard and I'm going to ride that wave. I'm stepping of stagnant water and I'm watching the shore, waiting.


// JOSIE //

October has arrived and - I can't quite believe I'm saying this - my baby girl is due this month. The last several months of my life have been full of firsts because when you're expecting your first baby, everything is new. Being pregnant is something I've dreamed about my whole life (I was the little girl who spent hours and hours dressing up and being 'Mummy' to a baby doll) and the actual reality of pregnancy has been both expected and completely unexpected. It's been a surreal experience to be at this stage in my life, to be discussing baby names and choosing a buggy with my husband Simon - in less than a month, we're going to be parents.

Over the past six or so weeks, my mission has been simple: baby prep! My lovely grandmother (Nan-Nan) took it upon herself to hand wash some of the baby clothes I've bought - she told me that the washing of these little outfits was one of her favourite things to do in the build up to a new little person coming into the world. I handed over several tiny vests and a beautiful white dress given to me by my Auntie who lives in Canada. I cannot even get over how small all of these baby clothes are, let alone the fact that very soon they'll be filled with a fresh little girl. A week or so after giving Nan-Nan the pile, I returned home to find the clothes neatly folded in a pink bag, alongside a bottle of washing detergent and a little note that I will treasure forever.

Being an unorganised, messy, up-in-the-air kinda gal when it comes to bedrooms, I decided to start as I mean to go on when it came to the baby's room. The first step in this plan: draw dividers! I found a set of boxes that specifically fit the set of drawers and I've enjoyed filling all of the little sections with baby essentials. I say 'essentials', but I am becoming so unbelievably distracted by the cute and fluffy bits displayed so alluringly in shop windows. Truth is, I'm a shopaholic and having a baby has been a wonderful excuse. I've held back well though, surprisingly, and haven't gone too mad on baby items... if only I could say the same about maternity clothes!

I expect these last few weeks to go insanely quickly and to be full of more new things, all in the lead up to the biggest, newest beginning of them all.

Friday, 19 September 2014


I'm a bit of a recent convert to the Whoniverse (that's British TV show Doctor Who to non-Whovians), but oh boy am I converted. The latest series has just started and I'm tuning in every week to see the latest Doctor (with his thick, angry eyebrows and Scottish snarl) and his companion Clara. Petite, doe-eyed and with a rather fierce fashion sense, Clara's got perhaps the glossiest hair and the most fabulous boot collection on the BBC. I'm hardly an edgy dresser (think ballet shoes and cardigans) but I've obviously watched one too many Doctor Who episodes recently because on Thursday I woke up and went all Clara-esque. Reaching into my wardrobe, I pulled out the most monochrome, androgynous, fierce outfit I could think of. Grey, white, black, leather, suede, studs - all topped off with a little gold bow necklace. Oh, and a cat. An outfit is never truly complete without a cat. Thanks for being so uncooperative, Charlie.

Kitty xx

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


A short and sweet post today (you can always tell I'm busy when a post only has one lonely photograph) because I've hit the ground running at Uni. Going into fourth year has been a similar experience to that Ice Bucket Challenge doing the rounds on the internet - I've been hit with a rush of readings and assignments and major projects all at once and have been left reeling, a little giddily, with shock. Now I'm into week two I can hopefully start to sort through the chaotic tangle of due dates and exams and settle in.

The Saturday before I went back to campus I booked myself a very impulsive hair appointment and, an hour later, exited the salon with a fringe. I'd been feeling very apathetic towards my limp, straggly locks and was inspired by the likes of French beauties Marion Cotillard and Louise Bourgoin to go for a more gamine look. I now look a bit like me circa 2007 - surely after seven years I'd look older?! I've been desperate to attempt an Audrey-style 60's beehive this past week, and have been looking at Carrie's tutorial for tips. I even watched Breakfast at Tiffany's last night - I don't think I'll be able to resist the hive for much longer!

Oh, and cue the cheering: yesterday I passed my driving test! Driving has always been a real fear of mine and I've put off learning for years. I'd always believed I'd fail the test several times before passing and yet yesterday I somehow passed on my first try. The test itself was horrific: the examiner was awful and kept clapping her hands and snapping at me to pick up my speed, and so by about five minutes in I was absolutely convinced I'd failed. When, therefore, she turned to me at the end of the test and told me I'd passed, I literally could not believe it. I went on not believing it for at least two hours until about mid-afternoon when I hopped into the car for a little solo drive and it hit me - I passed! So that's a MAJOR life achievement for me - it still feels quite surreal.

Short post at an end, I'll banish myself back to my mountain of Uni work. *silently sobs*

Kitty xx

Monday, 8 September 2014


A big warm round of applause for my trusty Cath Kidston satchel, please. I bought this wee beauty two years ago in the Cath Kidston shop in Cambridge, only able to justify the price tag because of a discount voucher. I had wanted one of these satchels for a while, and then when my sister purchased a floral one I knew I just had to get my mitts on one of my own. She's been my trusty bag for uni ever since: she's stuck with me on my daily bus journeys, treks across campus, and library camp-outs  come sun, rain, wind or snow (and believe me, there's been a lot of snow). I have always loved getting my school bag ready, and as this is potentially my last year as a student (boo) I thought I'd do a special University edition of the 'What's in my Bag?' tag. This is a long'un, so fellow nosy bag-lovers - you're welcome!

Also, for any beauty lovers reading: my nail colour is Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in 'Ruby Do'.

// Umbrella //
It can be a burden to lug around, but a brolly never goes amiss when I'm spending all day on campus. Compact-able and polka-dotted are two very pleasant bonuses.

 // Keys //
Featuring key rings such as a Cath Kidston fob, a Harry Potter chocolate frog (that really smells like chocolate!), and a London 2012 Olympics souvenir.

// Phone //
Samsung Galaxy S4. Peonies for wallpaper - need I say more?

// Lotion //
A must for my art student's hands/elbows. I'm not usually fussy about which lotion I have - so long as it works I'm happy - but I'm currently using The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter.

// Laptop //
MacBook Air with a Greene + Gray memory foam case. For writing essays (read: browsing Pinterest) on the go.

// Gum //
When I'm eating tuna sandwiches for lunch and I've still got four hours of classes, projects and general social interaction left, gum is a must-have.

// Pencil Case //
UK stationary shop Paperchase has been my go-to place for gorgeous pencil cases since I started secondary school. I'm a firm believer in the need to surround yourself with beauty, and prints like this make doing so easy.

// Student Card //
I bought this bus pass cover at a Paperchase in Brighton two years ago and I think my reasons for purchasing are self-evident. I mean, just look at it! I use it for my student card which doubles as a bus pass, and fellow commuters compliment it on a regular basis. 

// Notebooks //
I know that I could go to a supermarket and buy a cheap blank notebook but I just can't resist trying to find the most beautiful books for my class notes. This year I picked up this duo by Pastel at Indigo Books and I can't wait to get writing.

// iPod //
Yes, my S4 has music on it and yes, this iPod Classic is old-school, but I take it with me whenever I can. It's actually my Dad's and the reason I'm always pinching it is because it's synced up to my Dad's friend's ultra-cool, ultra-diverse iTunes Library. Cue bus ride serenades courtesy of The Smiths, Dido, Gabrielle Aplin, Tom Odell etc etc etc. 

// Micron Pens //
Whether I'm writing notes, doodling, or creating a full-on serious work of art, these pens are my faves. I especially love them in Sepia - plus, they're fairly inexpensive at my local art supplies shop.

// Coin Purse //
With all of the stuff I have crammed into my satchel I don't have room for my usual envelope style purse, so I use a coin purse for loose change and my debit card. This one by Forever England was a present from my Nan-nan.

// Paper clips //
These flower-shaped paper clips by Paperchase have been used several times to secure essays in lieu of a stapler. I don't know if I've ever received extra marks on the grounds of extra-cute stationary, but I sure should have.

// Sunglasses //
I've had my Ray-Ban Wayfarers for years and I will never get sick of them. Never ever ever.

// Lip Products // 
If I ever empty my bag, I usually find half-forgotten lip products in every single pocket. My current loves are Clinique Almost Lipstick, Burts Bees Lip Balm, and Revlon Colorbust Matt Balm in Complex. 

Kitty xx

Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Hannah Joy // Jo Josie 

In front of the towering spires of King's College there is a long, low wall dividing the striped lawn and the much-trod cobblestones of King's Parade. When lunch hour strikes in Cambridge, England, students and workers alike pour out on the streets with their salads and their sandwiches, all ready to jostle for a seat on the wall. It was during one such lunch hour a few months ago in May that I found myself sitting between two of my favourite women, my best friend and my closest cousin. I was visiting England for the first time in two years, and we were spending the day together shopping and chatting and drinking double-choc-chip Starbucks frappuccinos, having taken the Park-n-Ride into the city centre. The best friend Hannah had just graduated from Uni and was preparing for a two-month trip to South Africa with her husband. The closest cousin Jo was beginning to show her baby bump, getting ready with her husband to become first-time parents. We sat on that long, low wall between King's college and King's parade and as we sat we talked about our lives, past, present and future. We played that game, that 'who would have believed this is how our lives were turning out' game that involves lots of nostalgic reminiscing and imagining future children. And we decided that one day in the future we would go back to that wall together and eat lunch, and this next time perhaps another one of us would be pregnant and we'd be walking with baby buggies and little ones in tow.

There's just one year between the three of us, and yet somehow all of our lives are running very different courses. Different places, different stages...

And so, without any further ado, I present a blogging collaboration. The three of us are leading such different lives, and so here on the blog Hannah and Jo will give us snapshots of the details of their day-to-day experiences. Look out for some collaborative posts, occasional musings, and (in the very near future) a newborn baby girl!

Oh, and as I go by Kitty on the blog, it seemed only fitting that Hannah and Jo get pseudonyms too. Kitty is my middle name, so Hannah will appear as her middle name Joy, and Jo as her nickname Josie.

Watch this space for some KITT || JOY || JOSIE posts coming your way.

Kitty xx

Monday, 25 August 2014


I've been rather down-in-the-dumps lately. Perhaps I should blame it on the colder than usual summer, or the fact that I miss the mental stimulation University brings, or even my recent lack of social life, but my mood seems to perpetually hover somewhere in the region of BLAH. Apathy has apparently become my middle name and the amount of time I'm spending in my pyjamas will attest to that. I'm learning in my life, however, that the little things have the biggest consequences. Trying to focus on the small purposeful good things I can do in my day really does make a difference to my overall mood, and so today I created a little happiness to-do list for myself:

1 // Clean my room (again)
2 // Enjoy a sweet, sweet peach and a crispy apple
3 // Paint my finger nails an eye-popping shade of lilac
4 // Write an uplifting quote on my chalkboard
5 // Browse Boden's beautiful clothes (if ever a brand represented my personal style, this is it)
6 // Play Duffy on the iPod dock and put those 60's vibes on loudspeaker
7 // Text a friend to arrange a future hangout
8 // Write more of my children's story
9 // Have a slice of Mum's homemade Victoria Sponge cake
10 // Take advantage of today's surprisingly hot weather and go for a swim

Small, simple things, and none of them particularly life-changing, but what I'm beginning to understand is that a big life change is made out of little moments.

So yes, while I am still in my pyjamas, I'm trusting that better things are coming.

Kitty xx