Thursday, 14 March 2013


I woke up this morning to this.

What, I hear you say, a bit of snow? A resounding yes is the answer to that question. I know it is only a bit of snow. I know it might even look quite pretty. But I have woken up to snow - ranging from a bit to a mountain - for TOO long. This past Saturday and Sunday Mother Nature played a trick on we poor warmth-deprived individuals here in Ontario, Canada and shot us with sun and melting snow and overall gorgeousness. It was enough to encourage me to break out the rolled up trousers and ballet flats and light spring jackets (see evidence), but then on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday we returned to freezing flurries and white stuff.

To all this, I ask WHY?! Why must I be forever doomed to snow boots and snowflake pyjamas? Why am I still having to lug my bulky coat around to every class? March is my birthday month, and in England I was used to seeing my birthday as a sign of spring: the buds were out on the trees, there were daffodils everywhere - it was heaven. Here my birthday is a reminder of Winter's never-ending grip. Cue abundant "woe-is-me"-ing.

On the plus side, there was a beautiful blue sky this morning. I'm choosing to see this as sign of lovely warmth and sunshine coming our way, as of NOW.

Goodbye Snow, it was nice seeing you.

Kitty x

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