Saturday, 2 March 2013


 Yesterday I had a complete hair change and I froze to death in the park wearing my Dad's old jumper. Oh, and I remembered (too late) that hair does a really good job of keeping the neck warm. No matter, though - I love my new hair. In these pics, I've yet to make it 'me' though - ever notice that the hairdresser always blow dries and combs and fixes things in ways you never ever do yourself? Some people love having their hair styled by the folks at the salon, but I always prefer my own, ritualised little ways of getting my hair how I want it. In my experience, I never fully get the feel of a new haircut until I have to wash and style it myself. Today was my own little adventure of wash, blow and style.

On very cold, overcast days, the first thing I want to grab is an over-sized and over-aged thick jumper. The second thing I want to pull on is a pair of pj's, but I could never let myself leave the house in those, so a jumper will have to do. This old-school beauty was made by my Auntie for my Dad way back in the Eighties. Somehow, my Auntie managed to knit my Dad's signature into the pattern, which is the red scrawly writing smack bang in the middle of the jumper. It takes the idea of having a 'signature' item of clothing to a whole new level! I'm no knitter, but even I can see that the result is pretty pro. I discovered this vintage find (can something my Dad wore in the Eighties be considered vintage yet?) only recently, and I am rather attached to it already. With the winter landscape, the new short hair, and a baggy homemade jumper, I felt a little like one of the siblings in the Home Alone series.

Old wool, new 'do' - good combination, I think.

Kitty x

Before the chop - farewell for now, bun!

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