Tuesday, 24 June 2014


// blouse: H&M // shorts: Joe Fresh // bag: Topshop // necklace: American Eagle // sandals: New Look //

I wasn't going to buy anything at all when I browsed around the shops one Saturday a few weeks ago, not one thing. Then this blouse happened. It was $7 on the sale rack in H&M. $7. Yes it was four sizes too big for me, but it was $7. And it was white. And it was summery. And $7. I was at the tills before I knew it and when I opened my purse instead of noticing the soul-crushing lack of money all I saw was $7, and when I approved my purchase on the debit machine all I saw was white - summery - $7. 

The blouse made its debut today and as I examined myself in the mirror this morning I realised just how big it is on me. Due to its billowy nature I was fairly limited on the bottoms side of things and so paired it with these navy chino shorts (another purchase made on that Saturday I left my self-discipline at home). It was all a bit boho, so I thought I'd go all the way and bring out the feathers and the tassels. I like the shirt but I do feel a bit like Captain Jack Sparrow. It's the looseness that does it - put on a hat and a waistcoat and I'm ready for a sword fight. But $7.

I wasn't actually going out anywhere today - just pottering and ticking off to-do lists at home - but I find that getting dressed up increases my productivity. I'm a bit all or nothing: I tend to dress up to the max when I step into the world but as soon as I get back through the front door I'm straight into my pj's. On days I'm not leaving the house I don't even bother to shower - atrocious, I know. Am I the only one who does this? Anyway, this blouse is comfy enough to pass as a pyjama top. And it's white. And summery. And $7.

Kitty xx

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