Thursday, 3 July 2014


// dress: GAP // shoes: Franco Sarto // watch: Fossil //
// lips: Sonia Kashuk Velvety Matte Lip Crayon in Poppy Nude //

A couple of lovely friends suggested that I post more about what I'm wearing, not because it needs to be pose-y and vogue-y, but because they know me and know that I find pleasure in clothes. Outfit posts are a bit of a grey area, however, as they could easily slide into that uncomfortable category labelled 'self-indulgence'. It is indeed a rather self-indulgent thing to ask someone to take photographs of you as you twirl and tilt to demonstrate your (hopefully) most flattering angles, and then to later edit and crop and select images of you to post in succession on the internet. It could all get very self-congratulatory very fast and that's why I hesitate to make outfit posts. Yet, on the other hand, I love clothes. Sometimes I worry about saying that so frankly because such a statement is usually followed by thoughts like shallow and materialistic, but I do - I enjoy pulling together outfits. I love colours and silhouettes and patterns and shapes and fabrics and - most of all - I love how wearing lovely clothes makes me feel. I don't think this makes me a materialistic person, I think that this just means that I enjoy beautiful things. I have an artist's mind and so visual aesthetics are important to me. That's just the way it is, and enjoying clothes is just part of who I am, and this blog is just a way for me to express myself, so I am going to tell myself that it's okay to make outfit posts. It's okay.

So, after that rambling spurt of self-psychoanalysis, I will allow myself to post about my outfits but:

I'll try not to take myself too seriously (let's put a limit on pouting, mmm?)

I'll use them as opportunities to share creativity,  not as 'look at me I'm so fabulous' fashion spreads

I'll to be honest (minimum photoshopping, and no pretending I don't have bad hair days)

I'll try 100% to be me

I won't apologise or feel guilty about making outfit posts. They can be a reflection of me just like posts about art work or days out are. I will be passing my camera to someone and I will be asking them to snap what I'm wearing and I will be trying to arrange my limbs in a way that is camera-friendly and I will be doing all of this because I do rather enjoy clothes.

What I choose to wear is just another part of who I am - and that's okay.

Kitty xx

P.S. This particular outfit is what I put on during a swelteringly hot day for a job interview. I sweated most of my makeup off and my hair grew a halo of frizz, but boy oh boy was this ensemble comfortable. Thank goodness for shift dresses and bare legs.