Monday, 22 April 2013


1) I've completely finished for the semester, and am thus officially halfway through my undergraduate degree! Just think, in two years I'll be ________ (fill in the blank). 

2) The weather was crazy! We had a day of 26 degrees celsius weather, a couple of storms and power cuts, freezing rain, and then suddenly lots of sunshine. The good part about this week's chaotic climate is that it seems to have levelled out to warm sunshine. At least, we've had nice weather for two days in a row, and I'm crossing everything and hoping...

3) I literally spent most of the week home alone in my jammies. Yes, I was studying and watching films and reading for pleasure, but it was refreshing to not do hair and makeup and outfits. Just me, sofa and PJ's.

4) I watched this week's Doctor Who episode Hide and had a lot of fun being unnerved and squealing at jumpy moments. Forget bad special effects and trying-but-failing-to-be-scary aliens, this episode was good and creepy. And of course Matt Smith's just brilliant, but does that need saying?

5) I got to draw rainbow dinosaurs. My little sister Ru was creating a huge time line of how the world started and needed help doing a few illustrations. I don't know whether I should admit how refreshing it is to draw multi-coloured pre-historic creatures as an alternative to the intense, conceptual artwork I produce on a weekly basis at Uni...

This week - a Very British Tea Party! Stay tuned,

Kitty x

{Dress: Banana Republic; Cardigan: Joe Fresh; Shoes: Franco Sarto; Necklace: Monsoon Accessorize; Watch: Fossil; Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Wayfarers.}

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