Thursday, 11 April 2013


I'm craving an English spring and I am posting these photos to prove it. This sunshine-and-green-grass-deprived English lass is currently stuck inside on a cold, soggy day being inundated by weather warnings and reports of imminent freezing rain and snow storms. It is the 11th of April. Snow storms. 11th of April. Snow. April. SnowAprilSnAprowhdfgsjdhgfks ERROR: LUDICROUS CONCEPT NOT FOUND.

I took these pictures at the end of March three years ago, at the village pond by my house in England. It was mating week for the frogs and if I remember correctly I'd taken a walk up to the pond a couple of days before to find giant splashes everywhere and the deafening sounds of froggie mating calls. I'd come back with my camera to see if I could capture some of the craziness (I'd never seen anything like it), but even just a couple of days later the pond was much quieter. I wasn't alone, however: several local school children had come armed with nets and buckets and wellies to go a'frog catching. I got rather snap-happy and, upon discovering these pictures in my photo library this morning, I'm really quite grateful to have this documentation of a beautiful spring day in Hertfordshire. Can you feel that gentle breeze? Can you smell the damp grass? Can you tell I'm going slightly stir-crazy in this never-ending Canadian winter?!?!

I need a change of scenery, and although I'd like it in the form of springtime and I'd like it now, I found out in the last few days that I'll be getting a very literal change of scenery in a few weeks. On Monday I was offered a paid summer internship as a Production Assistant for the Works International Art Festival in Edmonton, Alberta. I had to make a quick decision, and after much discussion and worrying and investigating and help from family and friends, I took a deep breath and said 'Yes' to start on the 3rd of May. Why not? I am not a risk-taker in many respects, and sometimes that probably stops me living.  As anxious as I am to be going off and living on my own in a place I've never been to start my first ever full-time job, I have to see that this is probably a risk worth taking. The past 2.5 years have pushed me unwillingly outside of my comfort zone a lot, so perhaps this is an opportunity for me to take control: I'm outside of my comfort zone again, but this time I stepped out through my own choice. In the first few weeks of being 20 I've been given a chance to really stretch my wings and see what I'm capable of and, despite the nerves and worry and panic of it all, I'm grateful.

Soon I'll be Kitt the Britt moving away from the home away from home. I haven't quite wrapped my head around it all yet - that will come soon enough when I get the mother-daughter crash course in domestic management I'm sure - but I'm excited, if not a little anxious. Maybe the best way to describe my feelings is 'anxcited'.

Well, I wanted a change of scenery, non?

Kitty x

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