Tuesday, 2 April 2013


I am happy to report that The Day has come and gone. By The Day, I mean that 24 hour period during which I reached two whole decades and came to terms with my great age and put on the adult mantle once and for all and realised that I have lived roughly a quarter of my life. Or in other words, my 20th birthday.

I anticipated The Day with some dread, I will freely admit. Leaving the 'teens' is scary. Suddenly I am having to accept that there is no teenage fallback, no adolescent excuse - I am left to crumple under the weight of eternal responsibility that is called being a 'grown up'. Alright, it isn't really so terrible. I have been 20 for 2 days now and so far I am not so hopelessly burdened. I have, however, had my first ever proper 40 minute panel job interview in the first couple of days since being 20. Coincidence? I think not.

The Day was good. I've always found birthdays quite anti-climatic and never enjoyed them as much as I always thought I would (unrealistic expectations) but this birthday was the best I've had in years. Not because I did anything radically special or dramatic, but because I was just able to be content and enjoy the company of people I love. I had a lazy morning, an afternoon amble around the pretty streets of Stratford, and then a lovely evening meal with my family and life-long buddy Amy. Of course there were so many people back home in England who I would have loved to see and celebrate with, but Skype, FaceTime and phone calls make everything so much easier.

A decade ago I was listening to S Club 7 (now it's James Morrison all the way), shopping in Tammy Girl (these days I'm a Banana Republic, Monsoon, and F21 shopper), and had my nose stuck into the Harry Potter series (...okay, nothing has changed there). I'm mostly a different person now - I feel that I am really becoming ME - and I look forward to seeing what this decade brings!

From the girl who now finds herself in the 'twenty-something' generation,

Kitty x

Conveniently I found the Gate of Youth on my 20th... phew.

Easter / Birthday treat: Hot Cross Buns!

The CAKE! Masterpiece a la my little sister Ruby :)

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