Wednesday, 15 May 2013


A couple of days ago I sent an appeal for help to my Life-Long-Lovely Helen. Having been living on my own as an independent 'woman' for a short while, I'm starting to think about things I never had to consider before. Food, for example. The right ingredients apparently do not appear magically in your cupboard. And groceries are expensive! Who knew?! In a moment of independence-jitters, I sent a panicky Facebook message to Helen asking her to be my Gandalf and guide me in the ways of living alone. She's been living away from her family studying Nursing at Sheffield University for three quarters of a year now, and being so similar to her in lots of ways I know that she would have experienced some of the initial feelings I am. Perfectly punctual as ever, Helen sent me such a wonderful reply that made me smile from ear to ear when I read it on the bus this morning. She has some brilliant advice for anyone dealing with change or newness or just general feelings of being overwhelmed in life, and so without further ado - Internet, I give you:

The Gandalf Guide to Living on One's Own Ok so you're now meant to be a really grown up person, loving living on your own, independent and free spirited and all that jazz but really... let's just think about this and be honest... errr I'm not and I don't think you are either lovely eh? We are little children in grown up bodies! But here I have devised a list to help you with this beautiful yet utterly terrifying stage of life. I hope you enjoy it!

1. When living on your own make sure your bubble (ie. where youre living, sleeping etc) is your cave  where you can go and CHILLAX which means chill and relax. My room at Uni is just full of photos (your face is there woman ;)) and cards. I have a rug, radio, fairy lights, hanging-down-thingys.. its like home so I go there and feel at peace and forget my troubles.

2. EAT WELL. Mum says I care more about food than my uni course haha which is kinda true hee hee  I always say when my tummy is happy I am happy and when you've got nice food to eat and nibble at then it feels nice. Ooooh and what is very important are sweeties!! I always make sure I have something naughty in my cupboard.

3. Go out, conquer and EXPLORE... I am a very different person than I was. I am a lot more at peace with my self and have a lot more confidence in my self and what I believe in. I am not afraid of expressing my opinion now and will not just sit in the shadows . I put myself forward for everything because i don't want regrets. So, my beaut, get out there! Join lots of clubs make loads of friends, dance till the cows come home and grab life by the ears!!!

4. Dont think about home too much. I know what it's like and it's horrible and homesickness is quite unbearable. I cried every time I left home and the people on my train got very used to the blubbering wreck which was me haha. I have spoken to mum on the phone everyday since I started You get used to it and now I get excited to get back to Uni so it does get better my love!!

5. SMILE BABY!! I know you already do but you're so like me it's actually weird and i know that it's not always fun. I've had some really horrible times and have hated being here but then I ring the Mother or Father, eat a whole tub of ice cream, drink some tea, watch Hott Fuzz and tell myself that either they're not worth it or I have to get over it! Show everyone your pearly whites Miss Howell and walk with a spring in your step!!

6. And FINALLY.... If you want that dress or those shoes or that chocolate bar- do it  Life's too short.. I've treated myself to a few cheeky dresses  Working on placement I got the opportunity to work with cancer patients and their optimism on life was just amazing and has stuck with me  You're so worth it and have worked extremely hard for this!!

I hope my few pointys were alright hee hee! I really enjoyed writing them XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Love, Gandalf Helen xxx

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