Sunday, 20 July 2014


News from this week: I was promoted (it may or may not have been a self promotion) to Interior Designer and Curator in the family home. The house has been a work of progress for a while now and  in recent weeks it has been the living room's turn for attention. I've been nurturing a vision for this room and persuaded my parents to let me unleash my creative prowess: hello there, mint paint (same as in my bedroom), salon hanging and art prints. I spent a morning framing and arranging and hanging and then stepped back to get a feel for the result. I love salon-style hanging as it reminds me of my beloved art galleries and museums, and I composed it all in a way that would allow us to add more frames later.

As for the prints themselves - the majority were created by moi. Most are the result of a print-making class I took at uni a year or so ago and I've been waiting for an opportunity to do something with them. I've also been playing around with watercolours in the last two weeks, and the Auden quote is a product of one of those sessions.

Throw in several old glass bottles, some antique gold-leaf lettering, and a pair of Emma Bridgewater Royal birth commemorative mugs (Prince George turns one this week) and I think we've got ourselves a rather fetching ensemble.

Kitty xx

P.S. The imbalance of text to image in this post is due to my current state of extreme tiredness - I went to see the Katy Perry Prismatic tour in Toronto on Friday night and I am still recovering. I'm compensating for my inability to string a decent sentence together by inserting a flurry of pretty pictures. You can thank me later.

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