Friday, 25 July 2014


[please ignore my chipped nails]

FIVE // eggs in the ma-hoo-sive omelette I ate for dinner last night. Ru sweetly offered to make me one, but when she put this car-tire-sized beauty in front of me and I asked her how many eggs were in it she vaguely said "Oh, I lost track". It was only after I'd eaten most of this delicious but ginormous concoction and was lying on my stuffed tummy in a discomfort only over-eaters will understand that she confessed she'd cracked five eggs into that beast.*

TWO // times I've ignored the nagging thought that my room needed tidying. Maybe today I'll actually get around to it...

ONE // much-regretted dip in our cold swimming pool. The weather has cooled down a lot in the last two or so weeks and, alas, I've barely swam at all.

SIX // metallic straps on my new silver Birkenstocks. I never thought I'd need/want them, but then I started 'borrowing' Ru's on trips to the shops etc and my feet (usually crammed into flimsy ballet shoes or support-less sandals) thanked me big time. And since I'm now on my feet a lot at work and my Converse low-tops have been my new best friends, I thought that I'd cave in and buy me some of these bulky German shoes. I couldn't give up the glam completely, though - metallic silver adds a (hopefully) feminine twist.

ONE // sofa we heaved down into the basement earlier in the week for the set-up of the TV room.

FOUR // nights we have since spent in the aforementioned TV room.

THREE // books I've read this week that have all been set on the early 20th Century Amazon River. Two of these books are by a beloved author, Eva Ibbotson, and I had read them several times before so I knew that the plots centred around Manaus. The third, however, was chosen on a whim and so I was rather spooked that part of this book's story also revolved around someone going to the Amazon in 1910. Is this a sign? Is it my destiny to be an Amazonian explorer? Please no.

TWO // salon-sized bottles of posh Argan Oil shampoo purchased in the hope that my hair will miraculously start growing like Rapunzel's.**

ONE // compliment directed towards my floral PJ bottoms from a young guy going to door-to-door asking people to donate to UNHRC. He apparently owned a similar pair himself...

SIX // watermelon slices I've eaten while writing this post. Yay for summer fruits!

* Since I've published this post, Ruby's confessed to me that she actually put six eggs in there!
** It won't.

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