Wednesday, 13 August 2014


// NOTE TO SELF // Yes, being disorganized and messy and cluttered is one of the side effects of having the disorganized, messy, cluttered creative mind. But no, leaving dirty clothes in a pile in the middle of your room will not make you feel better. Neither will an eternally unmade bed. And that mountainous heap of sketchbooks and handouts and bank statements on your desk? That won't go away just by wishing. There's a shoe organizer in your wardrobe: please use it instead of littering your shoes here there and everywhere. And while we're on the topic of wardrobes - why don't you just close the doors, instead of having to stare at the nuclear bomb explosion that is your collection of clothes? You might also want to put your makeup away after doing your face: it might mean not having to dig around for your foundation and your mascara and your blusher and every single item of makeup you need every single morning. You could also start using your wastepaper bin - just saying. And open your blinds during the day so that the place looks less like Gollum's cave. Consider tidying as you go instead of hanging around for the monthly deep clean. Yes, I know I tell you this every single time you have to have a mammoth de-clutter. Yes, I know that you set goals and decide that this will be the last time it gets this bad, but maybe you could consider actually following through with that vow? Just an idea. No pressure. You'll thank me for it, though. 

Kitty xx


  1. agreed, sometimes I can't start being creative until everything is clean so I can make a mess again :0

    Colour Me Classic

    1. I'm completely the same! Organized chaos ;)