Saturday, 9 August 2014


 // top: Old Navy // Jeans: J Crew // sandals: New Look //
// sunglasses: Ray-Ban Wayfarers // watch: Fossil //

I'm not a t-shirt girl and I haven't been since I was 11 years old buying pink tees covered in cartoon chimps and featuring phrases such as 'just monkeying around'. As a general rule I'm not an overly casual dresser, but since I've already broken that rule this summer by bringing Birkenstocks into my wardrobe I thought I'd indulge my rebellious streak and buy myself a t-shirt.* Yet even I can't get too casual, and so when I saw a t-shirt featuring the word 'Paris' on the front I realised I'd found the perfect balance between casual and classy - doesn't Paris just class everything up?

Cue some slightly awkward outfit pics (will I ever get used to this whole posing thing?) outside in the hot August sunshine. I find closeups so much easier than full-body shots... am I the only one? You regular readers will notice that once again I'm wearing those tan sandals... they've been my ultimate Summer 2014 staple. 

In other news, I've launched myself into a new story idea and have been doing a fair bit of writing this week. I always struggle knowing how to explain what I'm writing to people - "story" just sounds amateurish, but to say I'm writing a book makes me feel squeamishly precocious. I usually just stick to "I'm writing stuff..." and hope that I don't sound too pathetic. 

Kitty xx

*Yes, this is pretty much the most rebellious I ever get. Oh, she bought a t-shirt! Quick, alert the riot police...

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