Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Hannah Joy // Jo Josie 

In front of the towering spires of King's College there is a long, low wall dividing the striped lawn and the much-trod cobblestones of King's Parade. When lunch hour strikes in Cambridge, England, students and workers alike pour out on the streets with their salads and their sandwiches, all ready to jostle for a seat on the wall. It was during one such lunch hour a few months ago in May that I found myself sitting between two of my favourite women, my best friend and my closest cousin. I was visiting England for the first time in two years, and we were spending the day together shopping and chatting and drinking double-choc-chip Starbucks frappuccinos, having taken the Park-n-Ride into the city centre. The best friend Hannah had just graduated from Uni and was preparing for a two-month trip to South Africa with her husband. The closest cousin Jo was beginning to show her baby bump, getting ready with her husband to become first-time parents. We sat on that long, low wall between King's college and King's parade and as we sat we talked about our lives, past, present and future. We played that game, that 'who would have believed this is how our lives were turning out' game that involves lots of nostalgic reminiscing and imagining future children. And we decided that one day in the future we would go back to that wall together and eat lunch, and this next time perhaps another one of us would be pregnant and we'd be walking with baby buggies and little ones in tow.

There's just one year between the three of us, and yet somehow all of our lives are running very different courses. Different places, different stages...

And so, without any further ado, I present a blogging collaboration. The three of us are leading such different lives, and so here on the blog Hannah and Jo will give us snapshots of the details of their day-to-day experiences. Look out for some collaborative posts, occasional musings, and (in the very near future) a newborn baby girl!

Oh, and as I go by Kitty on the blog, it seemed only fitting that Hannah and Jo get pseudonyms too. Kitty is my middle name, so Hannah will appear as her middle name Joy, and Jo as her nickname Josie.

Watch this space for some KITT || JOY || JOSIE posts coming your way.

Kitty xx

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