Friday, 19 September 2014


I'm a bit of a recent convert to the Whoniverse (that's British TV show Doctor Who to non-Whovians), but oh boy am I converted. The latest series has just started and I'm tuning in every week to see the latest Doctor (with his thick, angry eyebrows and Scottish snarl) and his companion Clara. Petite, doe-eyed and with a rather fierce fashion sense, Clara's got perhaps the glossiest hair and the most fabulous boot collection on the BBC. I'm hardly an edgy dresser (think ballet shoes and cardigans) but I've obviously watched one too many Doctor Who episodes recently because on Thursday I woke up and went all Clara-esque. Reaching into my wardrobe, I pulled out the most monochrome, androgynous, fierce outfit I could think of. Grey, white, black, leather, suede, studs - all topped off with a little gold bow necklace. Oh, and a cat. An outfit is never truly complete without a cat. Thanks for being so uncooperative, Charlie.

Kitty xx

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