Tuesday, 16 September 2014


A short and sweet post today (you can always tell I'm busy when a post only has one lonely photograph) because I've hit the ground running at Uni. Going into fourth year has been a similar experience to that Ice Bucket Challenge doing the rounds on the internet - I've been hit with a rush of readings and assignments and major projects all at once and have been left reeling, a little giddily, with shock. Now I'm into week two I can hopefully start to sort through the chaotic tangle of due dates and exams and settle in.

The Saturday before I went back to campus I booked myself a very impulsive hair appointment and, an hour later, exited the salon with a fringe. I'd been feeling very apathetic towards my limp, straggly locks and was inspired by the likes of French beauties Marion Cotillard and Louise Bourgoin to go for a more gamine look. I now look a bit like me circa 2007 - surely after seven years I'd look older?! I've been desperate to attempt an Audrey-style 60's beehive this past week, and have been looking at Carrie's tutorial for tips. I even watched Breakfast at Tiffany's last night - I don't think I'll be able to resist the hive for much longer!

Oh, and cue the cheering: yesterday I passed my driving test! Driving has always been a real fear of mine and I've put off learning for years. I'd always believed I'd fail the test several times before passing and yet yesterday I somehow passed on my first try. The test itself was horrific: the examiner was awful and kept clapping her hands and snapping at me to pick up my speed, and so by about five minutes in I was absolutely convinced I'd failed. When, therefore, she turned to me at the end of the test and told me I'd passed, I literally could not believe it. I went on not believing it for at least two hours until about mid-afternoon when I hopped into the car for a little solo drive and it hit me - I passed! So that's a MAJOR life achievement for me - it still feels quite surreal.

Short post at an end, I'll banish myself back to my mountain of Uni work. *silently sobs*

Kitty xx

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