Thursday, 31 July 2014


Readers, meet my sister Ruby. Yes, this doe-eyed wisp of loveliness really does exist and, yes, I'm lucky enough to be related her. I begged and begged this girl to let me take a few pictures of her this afternoon, and finally (albeit begrudgingly) she let me drag her to an old mill by our house and get snap-happy. I quite frankly could not get over how divine she looks in these photos (can you believe I took these on my phone?!) and I've been ooh-ing and ahh-ing all the way home.

Earlier this summer, Ruby went on a volunteer charity trip to Haiti and returned with gold-streaked hair and a camera full of photos. She's spent the subsequent weeks swimming, walking, getting sunburnt and tickling her kitten Charlie's stripy belly. From her freckled nose to her painted toenails, Ruby lives and breathes summer and I hope in this smattering of photographs I've managed to capture it.

Bring a little more zest to your summer by ensuring that you're following Ruby's five must do's:

1 // Eat your weight in watermelon.

2 // Ride a bike fast enough to feel the wind through your hair.

3 // Have a BBQ at least once a week.

4 // Become half-mermaid and live in the pool as much as possible.

5 // Plant and nurture a vegetable patch.

Happy August!

Kitty (& Ruby) xx

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